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Controlling & Managing Energy Costs For Businesses

Solar is the most effective method of controlling and managing future energy costs and requirements, and as the cost of energy continues to rise, there’s never been a better time for businesses to invest in solar than right now. No matter what industry you’re in, solar presents an opportunity for companies of all sizes to rethink their energy use while also future-proofing their expenditure.

An increasing number of businesses of all sizes are recognising the value of solar power because it’s an investment in sustainability that creates a better future for all. Not only is solar power an affordable way to lower your electricity costs with a huge potential to deliver real savings on the cost of overheads, but there’s also a strong environmental obligation for businesses to invest in solar.

At Lumico Solar & Electrical, we specialise in all types and sizes of commercial solar systems, which are specifically designed and manufactured for Australian conditions. We also conduct feasibility assessments, which means if there is any reason why we don’t believe solar energy would provide your business with a good return on investment, we’ll give it to you straight. We’d much rather be honest with you and not recommend solar at this time, because we firmly believe that good energy management is all about providing unique solutions that work the best they possibly can.

As the future of the renewable energy sector continues to emerge, remember that when you choose Lumico Solar & Electrical, you’ll be choosing a long-term relationship with a team of experts who care.

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Benefits Of Solar

Because Australia is one of the sunniest countries on the planet, solar has grown over recent years to become one of the best investments that Australian households and businesses can make. By reducing network energy consumption with solar technology, not only will there be a significant reduction in the cost of electricity overall, but it’s even possible for some to go off-grid completely and become entirely self-sufficient.
By investing in premium quality solar panels, these energy savings are pretty much guaranteed over their anticipated minimum 25-year life span. So, it’s certainly not surprising that millions of Aussies and counting have decided to invest in this clean and renewable source of energy.


While making the switch to solar can seem like a daunting process, the best place to start would be to get in touch to discuss everything you want to know with one of our technical solar advisers. That being said, here is the basic process for getting solar installed


Because each property is different, solar installations will need to be planned, designed and sized perfectly to suit both your building and your budget. We consider all aspects of the proposed solar installation, from the structure of the roof to the existing electrical system, and even previous energy bills. All of these things and more will be assessed so that we are able to create a detailed report.


This important step ensures that the proposed installation of your solar system will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. We then provide you with a layout proposal that must be approved with either a signature or a reply email confirmation.


Once you have accepted the design, we will then furnish you with a system production report with detailed product information and financial analysis. This will allow us to also provide you with a quote and, once you approve it, our solar installation team will contact you to arrange a suitable date for installation of your solar system.

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