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Battery Addon from
Just $23.3 per week

Get Our Battery Add-On for Just $23.3/Week* with standard installation included!

Enhance your solar system with Lumico's affordable Battery Add-On. As a trusted name in South Australia's solar industry, we're excited to make solar storage more accessible than ever.

  • Maximize Savings: Store excess solar energy to cut down on electricity bills.

  • Energy Independence: Use stored power during peak times or outages.

  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with your existing solar panel system.

  • Affordable: Just $23.3 per week makes it an economical choice.

*Terms and Conditions Apply: The $23.3 per week offer for our Battery Add-On is subject to approval and may depend on specific installation requirements, location, and other factors.

Please contact us for full details and eligibility criteria.


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