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Your energy bill is going up!

Source: Australian Energy Regulator

Households in most states in Australia are facing predictable increase in energy bills in the next few month. According to a study by University of Melbourne, in South Australia the wholesale electricity prices in Q1 2022 has a 64.6% increase in compared to 2021. Australian Energy Regulator has also concluded the in Q2 the base is continuing to grow.

Whole sale price can normally make up 30-50% of the total energy bill, thus South Australian Families can expect a 20-30% increase in their already sky-high energy bills. Given the current global energy crisis situation, it is predictable that the energy price will contiune going up in the near future.

In recent years, Solar panel has become an obvious choice for those who wants to reduce their bills, but as more and more families have solar panel installed, the feed-in price kept going down in recenty years, making it harder to compensate the cost of electricity used in the night.

Therefore building a fully self-sufficient system has become the new trend. For those who has already owned a solar panel system, you need to take just one more step: A battery addon to your existing system. Power generated in the day can be stored in the battery and used when needed, thus giving you the flexibility of when to use the solar power. Planning how and when to use your power can aslo be very helpful to reduce your electricity bills. You can even choose to feed in your stored power during peak to gain a much higher credit. Considering the rising electricity bills, it might just be a good time to have a battery add-on to your system.

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